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Physical Workshops
Full Circle offers a unqiue 3-Day physical workshop in many locations around the world. Class sizes vary from 10-15 attendees and facilitates the opportunity for discussion amoung birth professionals, networking, hands on demonstrations and more. These training are usually from 9:30am-5:30PM for 2 days. At the end of each learning day, I encourage all attendees to participate in the hands-on portion of learning about the placenta and how to prepare it in capsule, tincture and salve form. You will also get to see placenta printmaking and the dried umbilical cord made into a dreamcatcher.

Advanced Training is available at select workshops after the initial 2-Day training. This includes advanced preparation, herbs and the placenta, traditional belly binding, vaginal steam baths, postpartum herbal remedies, honoring the mother post-birth, placenta blessings, moxabustion and more! The advanced portion allows time for your own healing from past experiences and urges you to set forth intentions for your own path in birth work.

What does the training include?

A virtual workbook with all of the course materials.
Access to the 3 day workshop.
24 hours of classroom training
   (Physical Trainings)
Pictures and videos.
Bi-weekly call-ins and monthly conference calls
Full hands on placenta encapsulation demonstration                  (Physical Trainings)
OSHA Blood Born Pathogens Course Discount
Set-up for your State Food Safety Course
Certificate of completion and certification.
Access to Full Circle merchandise and forums.
Provider Listing and promotion
- Location permitting, hands on placenta demonstration

What should I expect?

Physical trainings provide the environment for real time, hands on learning for both experienced and budding placenta encapsulation specialists. You will learn all the intricacies of the sacred placenta as well as applying logical business skills, in depth preparation options and how to care for and empower postpartum women in your community. 

Non-Student Pricing: $285.00
Midwifery Pricing: $250.00
Advanced Add-On: $100.00

Cost for all 3 Days: $385.00

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Upcoming Physical Workshops
Don't see your city and state on our upcoming workshop roster? Want to attend a placenta workshop free of charge? If you can commit to registering 12 attendees,we will come to you! Full Circle Placenta at: Amanda@fullcircleplacenta for an application.